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All About Masks

First off, THANK YOU FOR WANTING TO MAKE SOMETHING! Seriously, we know how truly bizarre it is that we are sewing face masks for health care workers. And it's really made us question everything we thought we knew about living in the good old US of A. But here we are. There is so much information out there about the style and type of mask that various health care providers may use. We designed a one piece mask that a filter could be inserted into and that is an accessible pattern for confident beginners/intermediate stitchers. This mask is perfect for...

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Get Out The Vote quilt show

A Modern Quilt show for these strange times. We argue about which election was the most important of our lifetime. I (Virginia) still believe it was 2000. I was speechless in a pub in Connecticut, Noah, a Canadian unfamiliar with US politics in his first year of graduate school, me a Gore supporter and climate activist. I remember the days and weeks following... Bush winning due the Supreme Court 5-4 decision to end the Florida recount. Bush won Florida by just 537 votes. Gore won the national popular vote and here we are today, still struggling to pass any real...

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2020 We Care Wednesday: Movement Voter Project

In 2020 we asked the gather here team if there were any nonprofits that they would like us to feature in our monthly We Care Wednesday initiative. This September we are fundraising for the Movement Voter Project. Now more than ever, we need to invest in local groups in these Big Five states. They know how to organize their own communities, and they’ve been building trust with voters long before the current crisis. They need our support to win in November and build toward a progressive future. #Textiles4MVP is a group of 100+ textile artists around the country organizing for...

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How Pick-Up Works!

We made this thorough infographic to illustrate *all* the steps to selecting curbside/sidewalk contactless pickup. It's way more work than shipping or delivery but if you want to see our eyes and foreheads (above our masks) this is *everything* you need to do and all the various information you'll receive along the way. We have found that the gather here website works best on Chrome or Firefox. So make sure you are using one of these browsers for a smoother online experience. If you've read to the end - hooray! Don't forget - we'll meet you on Oak Street. Not...

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gather here is hiring (during a global pandemic!)

Feels odd to be posting job positions during a global pandemic and with reduced hours and a reduced team but as the State of Massachusetts begins their phased re-opening, we need to assemble a team that can work together (while socially distanced) and adapt to the inevitable changes to how we operate so brick & mortars thrive.

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Gather. Make. Repeat.

Hello, we’re gather here. This is our blog chronicling the opening of our stitch lounge, experiments in craftiness, and all things fiber.

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