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August 2022 - We Care Wednesday

In July, Virginia participated in a discussion about running a sustainable business and giving back to the community. We talked about the We Care Wednesday effort which after five years of creating the initiative feels like something we’ve always done. One of the other panelists was really floored that this initiative was born from “politics”. (Must be nice to run a business that doesn’t feel like it never has to take a political stand…) We launched this initiative in 2017, on the heels of the 2016 election and in conjunction with our “You Belong Here” community project. It was an...

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Hudson + West Autumn 2021 Collection

As everyone knows, the best time to start knitting for colder temperatures is summer. Now that the days are growing shorter and we're in the midst of July, we've bundled up the dress forms and mannequins in the shop in woolens. (The air conditioning in the shop is lovely says the shop owner who does not have such luxuries in her own home and relishes the opportunity to throw on a cardigan while typing away blog posts and social media captions in the comfort of her air conditioned office.) If you haven't had a chance to work with Hudson +...

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Well... things aren't exactly great are they? We're on a roller coaster of emotions stemming from all the awful Supreme Court of the United States' decisions this session. And while we like to put on a brave face and roll up our sleeves and do the work (damn, this work never ends?), we are also tired. Tired of the systemic erasure of our right to bodily autonomy. Tired of the willful destruction of the planet. Tired of the colonial state. Tired of the war waged on the LBGTQ+ community. Tired that guns have more rights than people with a uterus....

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We're Not Celebrating the 4th of July

gather here is CLOSED on Monday, July 4, 2022 and it's a paid holiday for our regularly scheduled team members. But that doesn't mean we are celebrating the founding of the United States (a country founded on stolen land). We ARE taking a day off from capitalism and the never-ending hustle to make payroll and rent and health benefits. We ARE reflecting on who is truly "free" in the US. And what we can do to protect existing freedoms while also expanding freedom for all. We're not alone in not feeling like celebrating, this Yahoo! article rounds up other...

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Could you be our next craft associate?

Despite being a really awesome and compassionate place to work (not our words, ripped right out of someone's resignation letter), sometimes other opportunities arise and a team member heads off to explore what's next on their creative journey. And let's be honest, working in retail has been HARD throughout the pandemic - even a colorful, squishy fiber store doesn't change that. So we've got some positions to fill, helping in-store and behind the scenes making sure everyone who visits us has our attention. And everyone who shops online gets their order packed and shipped in a timely manner, too. Perhaps...

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Gather. Make. Repeat.

Hello, we’re gather here. This is our blog chronicling the stitch lounge, our extended community, experiments in craftiness, and all things fiber.

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