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Longarm Quilting Services

gather here can help you complete your quilt!

gather here offers long-arm, edge-to-edge machine quilting services using our Bernina Q24 Q-Matic.  Whether you are new to quilting, prefer piecing to the quilting process, or are simply short on time, we are here to help. We know good quilting and think we can add the finishing touch to any project.

Interested? Continue reading about Edge-to-edge quilting and then complete our Longarm Edge to Edge Quilting Request form. We'll send you a quote based on the size of your quilt! We aim to turn around quilts within 2 or 3 (or 4) weeks of receipt (but sometimes it takes a little bit longer).

So what is edge-to-edge quilting?

Edge-to-edge designs use one color of thread and run continuously, from one edge to the other, over the entire body of the quilt, regardless of borders, blocks, seams, or piecing designs. The designs are digital patterns which are computer guided (with the assistance of one of our team members) and can be sized to achieve the desired level of quilting density and scale.

CMQG 2019 Charity quilt

Edge-to-edge quilting offers beautiful all-over quilting, wonderful texture on the surface of the quilt, and is available in numerous designs, including but not limited to: geometric shapes, lines, vines and flowers.

What edge-to-edge designs do you offer?

Click here to view possible edge-to-edge designs currently available that we have highlighted in our Instagram stories. There are 25 designs to choose from.

What does it cost? And what's included?

Our BERNINA Q24 long-arm quilting machine can accommodate quilt tops ranging in size up to 100” maximum width, with no restrictions on length. Edge-to-edge quilting prices are based on square inches of $.03 per square inch.

To determine the square inches of your quilt top, multiply the length x width. (For example, if your quilt top is 60” x 60”, the total square inches is 3,600 inches x $.03 = $108.) There is a minimum charge of $75.00.

Thread is included in the per inch calculation but you will need to either provide or purchase batting. We carry 100% cotton as well as an 87.5/12.5 cotton/poly blend (in both white and natural).

Quilt backing is also not included in the cost of E2E quilting services. Don't have a quilt back? We have a selection of wide back cotton in contemporary patterns and solids that you can choose from. Or for an additional fee we'll piece your back using either Kona cotton solid or a print. Other additional longarm quilting services are available. Simply select them when filling out the Quilting Request or when dropping off the quilt.

I'm ready! Sign me up!

Complete a Longarm Edge to Edge Quilting Request first! We'll give you a quote as well as let you know our estimated turnaround time. Don't forget to prepare you quilt for long-arm services! Not sure how? Read these helpful tips.

Quilt drop off/pick up is available any time that the shop is open. BERNINA long-arm and Q-Matic demonstrations are available by appointment or better yet, take longarm basics!