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Our Story

"We love making things. And we want you to love making things. And we think we can inspire you and help you make things so you feel empowered and excited about all the possibilities."

- Virginia B. Johnson
owner of gather here | vintage button collector | clothes horse

Part sewing studio, part fabric and yarn shop, gather here is Cambridge’s only stitch lounge, created to cater to your fiber craft goals. We believe there’s a maker in all of us just waiting to come out and play. Whether making is part of your family tradition, a new hobby you’re dipping your toes into, or something you just do for fun (so, so much fun) we have a spot for you. We’ll even save you a seat.

Our studio is well-equipped and bursting at the seams with:

  • Three fun, welcoming maker spaces
  • Bernina sewing machines and sergers for all
  • A Bernina Q 24 longarm machine (we’ll even teach you how to use it)
  • Loads of modern fabric and yarn you can touch and feel—and all the tools you need to make something with them
  • All-natural, organic, and sustainable fabrics, yarn, and notions
  • A team of friendly, well-versed staff, happy to assist you in finding just the right stash
  • Expert-led workshops that cover the spectrum of DIY crafts, sewing, knitting, crochet, hand embroidery, and more
  • In-house sewing machine service and repair (for craft emergencies) and an authorized Bernina dealer

gather here is independently owned and operated. We’re part of a powerful community of craft artisans and busy bees who believe handcrafted, handmade goodness is for everyone.