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Updated Masking Policy

We're only requiring masks on Mondays (and not for class & studio time participants.) If you're wondering "Why on Mondays?" then you should read Mask Mondays! Whats that?

Mask Mondays! Whats That?

Mindful Masking?

General Questions

What is a stitch lounge?

Is there parking?

Where is gather here?

When can I visit gather here?

Do you sell gift cards?

Do you sell sewing machines?

Where can I have my sewing machine serviced or repaired?

Is gather here wheelchair accessible?

Does gather here donate gift baskets/gift cards/raffle-prizes?

Class Questions

When do you post the next month's classes?

What kinds of classes do you offer?

When is your next (insert course name here) class?

Why are some supplies provided and others are not?

What is your weather policy?

How do I register for a class?

The class I want to take is full! Is there a waitlist?

I signed up for a class but I can't make it; may I have a refund?

I want to use my class credit to register for another class; what do I do?

I want to use a gift card to register for class; what do I do?

Is there a class enrollment minimum?

Do I have to bring a machine to class?

Studio Rental Questions

How does studio time work?

Do you have to take longarm basics to rent studio time on the Bernina Q 24 Longarm machine?

How much does it cost to rent a longarm?

How to Prep Your Quilt

Private Party/Lesson Questions

Can I have a party at gather here?

Do you offer private lessons?

How much do private lessons cost?

Web Store Questions

How do you ship?

Do you accept returns?

Pdf Printing Questions

Large Format/Copy Shop printing basics

How to submit a file for printing

Shipping your printed patterns

One Last Question

I'm a crafty genius! Are you hiring?