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gh Pattern Essentials Bag

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These vinyl zipper bags are cut and sewn by us using past craft market signs we saved over the years! Even the heavy duty zippers are salvaged. Inside this one of a kind bag you'll find high quality tools to make pattern hacking, pattern making, and so much more just a little easier.

Awl: The perfect tool for quickly marking points through paper or fabric. We use our awl for marking garments, bags, and so much more.

Pattern Notcher: Easily notch your patterns with a 14" long, 116" wide U cut. These notches are easy to mark while cutting and tracing, and easy to match while sewing.

Serrated Tracing Wheel with wood handle: Use with tracing paper to transfer pattern markings for darts, pleats, tucks, pockets and button holes to fabric. 

Needle Point Tracing Wheel with wood handle: The sharp points on this tracing wheel let you trace patterns onto paper while making pattern alterations. Also useful for tracing off existing garments onto paper to make your own pattern!

Screw Punch & Tips: Neatly cut a small hole in your pattern to mark dart points, pocket placement, and more. Also great for pre-cutting holes for set-in snaps.

Pattern Hooks: Hang your patterns with this set of hooks for neat pattern storage that takes up less space.

Heat Erasable Pen: Perfect for temporarily marking your fabric notches, darts, buttonholes, and more. The markings will disappear when heat ironing or washing. Be sure to test on a scrap of fabric before using.

Limited Edition Vinyl Sign Gusseted Zip Bag: No two bags are alike. Crafted with the 2022 Inman Holiday Market vinyl sign. Original artwork by Amanda Williams Galvin. Heavy duty zippers salvaged from a now closed costume shop - colors vary.

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