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Meet Charles - Craft Associate

In the summer of 2020 we posted that we were looking for some part-time help and were thrilled when Charles applied. Charles had taken some sewing and quilting workshops prior to the pandemic and was also an avid crocheter. He also blew us away during his interview with craft examples that varied from sewing to knitting to wood carving! When did you start making things? I started crocheting about 10 years ago, and what keeps me interested in crochet is how easily you can influence the structure through alternating different types of stitches. Crochet is still my favorite craft, whether...

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Meet Harriette - Craft Associate

When we started to prepare for some version of being "open" in 2021 we needed to find some fiber help. Harriette joined the team in February, learning how things worked in the "before times" as well as how things were operating in the "uncertain times". For those of you that haven't had the pleasure of meeting Harriette in-person, we're excited to introduce you to her here! When did you start making things?My mom is a teacher and one of the benefits as a very bookish child was taking home leftover books from the book fair. The summer before high school...

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Meet Kaylan - Kids Programming Instructor & craft consultant

Kaylan joined the gather here team part-time in the fall of 2020. Kaylan had been a pre-pandemic customer and frequent maker, participating in our in-person community crafting events to benefit those experiencing houselessness in Cambridge. Kaylan's museum-programming experience made her a natural fit in the classroom and we have loved having her lead our 2020 summer programs. When did you start making things? When I was a kid, I wanted to be an inventor when I grew up. I spent a lot of time making contraptions, tinkering, learning how things work, and focusing on math and science in school.  It wasn't until adulthood...

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Meet Sophia - Studio Monitor & Instructor

Sophia joined the team during the pandemic as we started planning our in-person workshops and studio time again. Having the studio open to people who don’t have the space or access to tools and machinery has always been an important part of gather here so it was exciting to have someone capable of providing sewing advice and technical assistance. When did you start making things? As early as I can remember! My mom used to get me those plastic cross-stitch kits when I was in kindergarten, and I probably picked up crochet not long after. I learned just about everything...

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Meet Lindsay - Assistant Manager

When people say “Boston is small.” they aren’t wrong. Virginia has known Lindsay for over a decade because she has been a patron of Rudy’s Cafe in Teele Square where Lindsay worked for many years. Lindsay’s decision to join the team during the pandemic because she was ready for a change meant a lot to us. We’re so glad she’s here. When did you start making things? My Yiayia taught me how to crochet when I was about ten years old. I fell in love with machine sewing in middle school. I thought I was cursed because I would immediately...

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Gather. Make. Repeat.

Hello, we’re gather here. This is our blog chronicling the stitch lounge, our extended community, experiments in craftiness, and all things fiber.

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