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Could you be our next craft associate?

Despite being a really awesome and compassionate place to work (not our words, ripped right out of someone's resignation letter), sometimes other opportunities arise and a team member heads off to explore what's next on their creative journey. And let's be honest, working in retail has been HARD throughout the pandemic - even a colorful, squishy fiber store doesn't change that. So we've got some positions to fill, helping in-store and behind the scenes making sure everyone who visits us has our attention. And everyone who shops online gets their order packed and shipped in a timely manner, too.

Perhaps that's where YOU come in? But before you email us a copy of your resume and your instagram of creative endeavors, you should know some things about working at gather here.

Our craft associates are required to work at least one weekend day each week. We realize there are some morning people and some evening people and we try to schedule people in "their zone" but right now we could really use closers (those are the people that get us through the after-work rush, set up and wipe down after evening workshops, and lock up for the day). We occasionally work "holidays" and we share them across the team so everyone gets a break.

gather here is committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion - not just in our company culture but in our relationship with our vendors and the community. We are an equal opportunity employer. gather here seeks to employ people from all backgrounds to ensure the diversity of our customers and community are represented. We encourage LGBTQ+, BIPOC, and all age and ability applicants to apply.

gather here is enthusiastic about making things. Specifically making things with fibers and textiles. We believe making is for everyone and that there is a pathway to a creative journey that we hope we can help everyone find. We are also conscious of the overwhelming and ongoing threat of climate change. We specialize in natural fibers and textiles and encourage everyone to reduce, reuse, and make, do, and mend whenever possible.

We all do a lot of different things to keep gather here running smoothly. From unpacking inventory, demonstrating how to cast off, ringing up a customer, fielding phone calls, monitoring the website chat, and restocking the shelves --- no one has *just* one job. Even before the pandemic, we all had to pitch in and each day was a little different. It takes about 6 months to finally feel like you can locate everything and even then you'll miss something.

Our compensation package is competitive. All entry-level positions begin at $20/hour and include paid time off and sick time, a generous employee discount, free workshops, a 3% matching 401K retirement plan, and a quarterly shopping allowance. Full-time positions (30+ hours per week) also include company subsidized health (medical, dental, and vision) benefits, and subsidized family leave. (Consistent with our goal of creating a more equitable workplace, managers do not engage in salary and wage negotiations of any kind. We realize that having a strict and transparent stance on compensation may deter some from applying, we also think there are many people out there that would eagerly join our enthusiastic and values-driven organization.)

If all of this sounds awesome to you and you are looking for a part-time position (12-24 hours a week) you can learn more at And if you are looking for a hands-on studio and stitching position, you can find that position listed separately on