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Meet Sophia - Studio Monitor & Instructor

Sophia joined the team during the pandemic as we started planning our in-person workshops and studio time again. Having the studio open to people who don’t have the space or access to tools and machinery has always been an important part of gather here so it was exciting to have someone capable of providing sewing advice and technical assistance. When did you start making things? As early as I can remember! My mom used to get me those plastic cross-stitch kits when I was in kindergarten, and I probably picked up crochet not long after. I learned just about everything...

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Meet Lindsay - Assistant Manager

When people say “Boston is small.” they aren’t wrong. Virginia has known Lindsay for over a decade because she has been a patron of Rudy’s Cafe in Teele Square where Lindsay worked for many years. Lindsay’s decision to join the team during the pandemic because she was ready for a change meant a lot to us. We’re so glad she’s here. When did you start making things? My Yiayia taught me how to crochet when I was about ten years old. I fell in love with machine sewing in middle school. I thought I was cursed because I would immediately...

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Meet Lisa G - Customer Service Liaison!

Over the years we have met makers in workshops and they eventually decide to join the team. Lisa G is just one of those makers. When Lisa G decided she wanted a career change she reached out to see if her skills in healthcare administration and her passion for making things could be useful at gather here. At that moment we were feeling overwhelmed with emails and other customer service requests and had begun discussing how to address the never ending email inbox. Lisa G's timing was perfect. When did you start making things? I was always into crafty kits...

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Meet Meghan - Machine Technician

Meghan joined gather here prior the pandemic, we even managed to send Meghan to Illinois for Bernina machine technician certification and longarm training prior to everything shutting down. Meghan started as a part-time employee and transitioned to full-time. During the height of the pandemic Meghan helped with our mask-making efforts, pulled and packed orders, as well as cleaned, oiled, and adjust hundred of sewing machines that had been pulled out of attics, basements, and back closets. When did you start making things? I learned how to sew from my mother when I was about 5, and I've been making things ever...

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Meet Rocío - Craft Associate

Rocío joined gather here in February 2020. She had only just completed training when we made the decision to temporarily shutdown. In the summer of 2020, Rocío returned to her part-time position which was quite a bit different from that first month of working at gather here. She is a talented Mexican embroidery artisan now residing in Camberville. When did you start making things? As long as I can remember, I enjoyed making things. I started sewing garments and crocheting hats for my dolls. I devoted some of my early time practicing oil painting but now I am back to...

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Gather. Make. Repeat.

Hello, we’re gather here. This is our blog chronicling the stitch lounge, our extended community, experiments in craftiness, and all things fiber.

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