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2019 Women's History Month: Meet Kayla

When gather here opened in 2011 we had two employees - Virginia and Noah. And they didn't really get paid, they just paid themselves back for building gather here. In 2016 when we moved from 370 Broadway to 1343 Cambridge Street we jumped up to 12 employees. Today there are 22 people working at gather here (not including our contracted instructors). This March we are featuring some of our team members as we celebrate Women's History Month. We hope you enjoy getting to know them better!

Kayla joined gather here in May of 2018 to teach in our kids program. After a summer of camp intensives Kayla joined the team full-time, working on the sales floor, teaching adult classes, and recently promoted to Kids Program Coordinator.

When did you start making things?
I started crocheting clothes for my stuffed animals and sewing tiny pillows when I was about six years old. I got serious about sewing in seventh grade when I made my mom teach me how to use her old green ELNA sewing machine. I made a pair of yellow fleece pajama pants with bumble bees on them that I still own.

What's your favorite thing to make?
I always love making hats or headpieces - either knitting, sewing, or hot glueing - they're just so fun and quick.

What do you like the most about being a part of the gather here community?
I like learning more about crafting. Everyone at gather here has such an infectious passion for making- I discover new tools and techniques everyday.

What's your favorite tool?
I would be lost without a hand sewing needle, it's my go-to when anything goes wrong or I can't figure out how to fit something under my sewing machine or I want to be extra.

What do you do when you aren't making things?
When I have time, I like to read ridiculous fantasy books, go hiking with my dog, or go out to dinner with friends and family.