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All About Masks

First off, THANK YOU FOR WANTING TO MAKE SOMETHING! Seriously, we know how truly bizarre it is that we are sewing face masks for health care workers. And it's really made us question everything we thought we knew about living in the good old US of A. But here we are. There is so much information out there about the style and type of mask that various health care providers may use. We designed a one piece mask that a filter could be inserted into and that is an accessible pattern for confident beginners/intermediate stitchers. This mask is perfect for...

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2020 Book Club - Climate Crisis

At the end of October 2019 we began exploring what direction Book Club might take knowing that 2020 could be consumed by a national election. Our year of reading with Jenna Wolf would be coming to an end - a year of female authors from diverse backgrounds telling compelling stories that we had lively conversations about. Some of the texts would become our favorite reads in 2019. All 12 books fostered "a deeper sense of empathy not only between the pages of a book, but in each other and the greater community at large." For 2020, we reached out to...

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Inman Holiday Market Gift Guide No. 12

The final installation of our Inman Holiday Market Gift Guide is here. The twelfth guide features gifts you should just pick up for yourself. You can wrap them if you want or just enjoy them right away. No need to hope someone will treat you when you can treat yourself. These last four vendors specialize in handcrafted, detailed, and one of a kind pieces that you will treasure for years to come. Check out Small Spaces Ceramics, just enough nonsense (and her adorable stationary shop, Tiny Turns Paperie), Little Bear Illustration, and Zooguu (who has supported us through our adventures...

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Inman Holiday Market Gift Guide No. 11

We are nearing the end of these holiday market gift guides! The eleventh installation is near and dear to the author's heart (yes, all these guides are courtesy of Virginia, owner/crafter/activist behind gather here). These are small businesses that I believe are changing the small business landscape for our community. If your gift recipient is tuned into social justice and community activism then we think they'll love that you supported any of these small businesses. As self-proclaimed social justice warriors, we are proud to have so many of our vendors at the 2019 Inman Holiday Market that are committed to...

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Inman Holiday Market Gift Guide No. 10

We all have people in our life who appear to have everything they could ever need. So we put together our tenth guide with those people in mind. From a hand-bound notebook printed with care to organic explorations in clay to the perfect hot sauce to complete any meal to simple jewelry that you'll put on and forget about - we think even someone with everything would still appreciate these handcrafted gifts. Excited to have Barry's Hot Sauce and Formal Evolution join us for the first time! Checkout Middle Dune, Barry's Hot Sauce, Formal Evolution, and Little Pancakes. These local...

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Inman Holiday Market Gift Guide No. 9

Our ninth gift guide features gifts for your friends and family with the coziest of homes. We first thought we'd call this a Gift Guide for Homebodies but honestly, if you decorated with any or all of these gifts you'd want to invite people over to appreciate them. We're really excited to have Elizabeth Benotti Ceramics and Violette Tide Studios join us for the first time! Checkout Loomination, Elizabeth Benotti Ceramics, Violette Tide Studios, and HBMK Studios. These local makers (and many more) will be at the 2019 Gather Here Holiday Market on Sunday, December 15th!

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Gather. Make. Repeat.

Hello, we’re gather here. This is our blog chronicling the opening of our stitch lounge, experiments in craftiness, and all things fiber.

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