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September Coat Pattern

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Overcoat meets duster. An oversized coat for striding through town and country with purpose.

Choose to make either lined or unlined. The September works for a variety of seasons, in oilskin or wool it can be a proper winter coat, or in linen it feels like a casual throw on.

This is a multi-size Paper pattern available in either sizes UK 6 - 18 or 18 - 28

Skill level: Intermediate

All seam allowances are 1.5cm unless otherwise stated.

Suggested fabrics – Dry oilskin, oilskin, mid – heavyweight linens, 7 – 12oz denim, wool corduroy, cotton twills or canvas. A heavier weight cloth will result in a more structured coat. For the lining, we’d suggest using Barrier Lining if you are using oilskin. You could also use cotton voile, lightweight linen, cotton poplin, hemp/cotton, lightweight wools or a traditional slip lining.

You will need:
Matching thread
5 x 2cm (3/4″) buttons

Optional (recommended for most fabrics) 1.3M/1.5YD interfacing.

A note on sizing:
The September has an oversized fit, always consult the finished measurements table to see how much ease you’d like in your coat.
Fabric Requirements:

6 - 10 12 - 14 16 - 18
Self (with or without nap)
110cm (43.5") wide 4m/4.5yd 4.05m/4.5yd 4.3m/4.75yd
120cm (47") wide 3.95m/4.25yd 3.95m/4.25yd 4.05m/4.5yd
140cm (55") wide 3.45m/3.75yd 3.7m/4yd 3.8m/4.25yd
150cm (60") wide 3.1m/3.5yd 3.1m/3.5yd 3.45m/3.75yd
Lining - lined version only (with or without nap)
110cm (43.5") wide 3.35m/3.75yd 3.45m/3.75yd 3.65m/4yd
120cm (47") wide 3m/3.25yd 3.35m/3.75yd 3.45m/3.75yd
140cm (55") wide (with or without nap) 2.4m/2.75yd 2.4m/2.75yd 2.75m/3yd
150cm (60") wide 2.15m/2.75yd 2.4m/2.75yd 2.4m/2.75yd
Finished Measurements (in cm & inches):
  6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 22 24 26 28
Bust 112.5cm/44.25" 116.5cm/45.75" 120.5cm/47.5" 125.5cm/49.5" 130.5cm/51.5" 135.5cm/53.75" 140.5cm/55.25" 145.6cm/57.25" 152cm/60" 158.2cm/ 62.25" 164.5cm/64.75" 170.8cm/67.25"
Waist 116cm/45.75" 120cm/47.25" 124cm/49" 129cm/50.75" 134cm/52.75" 139cm/54.75" 144cm/56.75" 149.7cm/59" 156cm/61"
162.3cm/64" 168.6cm/66.5" 175cm/69"
Hip 121cm/47.75" 125cm/49.25" 129cm/50.75" 134cm/52.75" 139cm/54.75" 144cm/56.75" 149cm/58.75" 155.7cm/61.25" 162cm/63.75" 168.3cm/66.25" 174.6cm/68.75" 181cm/71.25"
Length (cb) 117cm/46" 117.5cm/46.25" 118cm/46.5" 118.5cm/46.75" 119cm/46.75" 119.5cm/47" 120cm/47.25" 123.7cm/48.785" 124.1cm/49" 124.6cm/49" 125cm/49.25" 125.5cm/49.5"
Sleeve length (underarm) 44.7cm/18" 44.7cm/18" 44.7cm/18" 44.7cm/18" 44.7cm/18" 44.7cm/18" 44.7cm/18" 49cm/19.25" 49cm/19.25" 49cm/19.25" 49cm/19.25" 49cm/19.25"
Bicep 43.5cm/17" 44.5cm/17.5" 45.5cm/18" 46.7cm/18.5" 48cm/18" 49.2cm/19.25" 50.5cm/20" 53.3cm/21" 55.5cm/21.75" 57.7cm/22.75" 59.9cm/23.5" 62.1cm/24.5"
UK Sizing
  6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 22 24 26 28
Bust 78cm/30.75" 82cm/32.25" 86cm/33.75" 91cm/35.75" 96cm/37.75" 100cm/39.25" 106cm/41.75" 114.5cm/45" 120.75cm/47.5" 127cm/50" 133.25cm/52.5" 139.5cm/55"
Waist 61cm/24" 65cm/25.5" 69cm/27" 74cm/29" 79cm/31" 84cm/33" 89cm/35" 97.5cm/38.5" 103.75cm/41" 110cm/43.5" 116.25cm/46" 122.5cm/48.5"
Hip 86cm/34" 90cm/35.5" 94cm/37" 99cm/39" 104cm/41" 109cm/43" 114cm/45" 120.5cm/47.5" 126.75cm/50" 133cm/52.5" 139.25cm/55" 145.5cm/57.5"

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