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Iron-On Instant Hem Tape - Black

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Having common wardrobe problems?

Have problems with length shortening? Fraying skirt? Unsatisfying with the hardened finish with other hemming tapes? Our product is a good fit for you! We provide a beautiful finish and a more durable solution for easy clothes hemming without sewing.

Enjoy Easy Clothes Hemming Without Sewing!

1. Seamlessly natural finish

It is knitted with flexible and adhesive material that smoothens the fabric, giving a soft and seamless silhouette without any bumps or lumps.

2. One action hem and seal

With just one simple action, it provides a hemming and sealing solution that requires no special tools or expensive equipment, making it easy to use for anyone.

3. Long-lasting adhesion even after washing

Strong adhesive fibers provide long-term durability through machine washing and dry cleaning, ensuring that your clothes remain hemmed and sealed even after multiple washes.

What other ways this could be used?

Not only apparel, but it could also use on interior goods like curtains, table cloth, etc. Furthermore, it could also be your awesome partner in crafting and creating.

How to use

1. Measure
Measure the area you want to hem and fold the garment inside out.

2. Cut
Leave a margin of about 25mm on the folded part and cut off the excess fabric.

3. Iron
Place the center of the tape over the edge of the fabric and iron it to adhere.

Materials: 100% Polyester

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