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b05/sew&go Hemmer foot

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This special presser foot serves the purpose to create professional-looking seams. It folds the fabric twice which results in a nice rollhem which is then properly fixed by the needle with a straight stitch.

Instructions: Place the fabric edge under the presser foot (wrong side up) so that it is almost flush with the inside edge of right toe and sew 4-5 stitches. Raise the presser foot and the needle and pull the fabric and the threads backwards (allow enough thread). Do not trim the threads. Use the left hand to hold the 4 threads and, with the right hand, hold the edge of the fabric as you insert it into the spiral guide of the foot. Lower the foot and continue sewing. While sewing, fold the fabric slightly and hold it to the left. Guide it evenly.

b05/sew&go 1 Hemmer foot

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