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Bernette-b05/sew&go 1 Darning-/Embroidery foot-sewing machine feet-gather here online

b05/sew&go Darning & Embroidery foot

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This foot is a true specialist for free motion sewing and it is best suitable to darn holes and worn areas. Used together with an embroidery hoop, the darning process can be simplified as the hoop stabilizes the fabric. The foot can also be used to create attractive embellishing such as laces or monograms.


If possible, clamp the fabric in a darning frame and place another piece of fabric underneath the damaged place. Sew over the damaged place in even rows. Rotate the work by 90° and cover it with another layer. If necessary, sew another layer, sewing the rows more loosely and offset to the previous rows.

Free-motion embroidery

Draw the desired motif onto the fabric. If possible, clamp the fabric into a frame or underlay it with a nonwoven fabric for better stability. Sew around the outlines of the design; a zigzag stitch can also be used for solid areas. Feed the fabric in evenly.

b05/sew&go 1 Darning-/Embroidery foot

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