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Tana Lawn - Refracted Light

$39.80 / yard

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Note's from Liberty:

Inspired by a paper impression discovered in an archival Liberty pattern book from the early 20th century, this contemporary geometric features abstract assemblages of contrasting colour compositions. Refracted Light was meticulously redrawn in the Liberty studio to retain the original design’s dappled texture – for a bold and voluminous effect. This print is part of the Spectrum story of our Spring/Summer 2024 collection - influenced by eclectic modern art movements, from the bold complementary hues of Fauvism to the synesthete musicality of the Orphists, with designs paying tribute to a vibrant array of colourful phenomena and pigment conception.

For Spring/Summer 2024, The Liberty Kaleidoscope takes us on the most vivid journey of all – through the rainbow, into a prismatic universe of color. For this collection the Liberty Fabrics designers engaged with print’s most elemental pigments, assembled here into four compelling stories: ‘Spectrum’, ‘Red’, ‘Blue’ and ‘Yellow’. The collection explores the cultural, natural and historical components that make up the light and shade of everything around us, taking us into the heart of each hue.

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