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Screen Printing Event

You've seen it on Instagram but here's the *official* announcement from our computers to yours: Sarah Dudek will be at gather here from 12 to 2 PM so you can screen print your own t-shirts, totebags, pieces of fabric, pieces of cardboard with her artwork: Abortion Care is Healthcare. We love our two prints from Sarah but are super duper excited to print some tees and totes to wear proudly. And you bet we're printing a fat quarter of fabric so we can make a pillow.

Free and open to all! But if you'd like to make a donation to Sarah for making the screens, providing the ink, and sharing her expertise you should totally do that. And *please* donate to Abortion Funds -- sure you made a donation when SCOTUS annihilated Roe v Wade but did you commit to being a sustaining donor? If you have the means, just do it.

  • We provide: space for Sarah Dudek to set up and help you print
  • You bring: yourself and whatever you would like to print (if it's wicked busy we may limit the number of items each person can print)
  • It's likely gonna be black ink so keep that in mind!
  • Cost: It's free!