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Schmetz-Universal Twin Needles 2mm-80/12-sewing notion-gather here online

Universal Twin Needles 2mm-80/12

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Schmetz Twin Needle sewing machine needles are available in a range of different needle sizes and spacings. Twin Needles consist of two needles, which are connected with a single shank by a bar. These needles have a flat shank and, like individual needles, fit in any conventional sewing machine: the flat shank always points to the rear. When to use which needle depends on your fabric and/or application. The needle spacing is always shown in millimeters followed by the needle size.

Sewing with Twin Needles opens up a wide range of practical and creative options, such as adding texture with pintucks or shade effects to translucent fabrics. You can also use these needles to add decorative seams to clothing and quilts or add creative hems, as well as to hide bending lines when letting down a seam.

Information on the use of these needles can be found here.

  • Push the twin button on your sewing machine (if present) to limit the stitch width so that the needle does not hit the throat plate by mistake and break.

Suitable fabrics
Universal Needles are suitable for a wide range of fabrics.

Point shape
Slightly rounded point

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