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Merchant & Mills - Right To Roam (RTR) Rucksack Pattern - Default -

Merchant & Mills

Right To Roam (RTR) Rucksack Pattern

$ 18.00

Claim your right to roam with this fine rucksack on your back. Make it in traditional British oilskin or a sturdy canvas. Fully lined with 3 divided internal pockets. The pattern includes a cross-body bag as an alternative.

The sample in the picture is made from Olive Dry Oilskin, which can be found in our cloth/utility section. All hardware for this pattern can be found in our hardware section. Please look in suitable fabrics for our suggestions, for the lining we suggest something like a simple cotton, or a duck canvas will give it more body and stability.

We recommend that you use the Merchant & Mills split cowhide leather straps or the RTR Hardware Kit. Using our brass roller buckles? Because of the large circular prong part on these buckles we recommend that you do a row of 4 holes in your leather. This will ensure that the circular part of the prong pushes completely through.

Pattern Errata: Pattern piece 10 (handle): The gap between the rivet holes should be 6cm on each side. It is currently 5cm on one side and 6cm on the other.

Please note you need to use our split cowhide leather straps and not the veg tan. These are thinner so will work much better with the buckles. You can find these straps in the ‘suitable fabrics’ tab.

This is an intermediate pattern.