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Precious Metal Stitch Markers


$ 9.00

Not just silver anymore! These fun markers are finished with gold, silver and copper coloring! These stitch markers are steel based, so they still attach to your Knitter's Keep (or any magnet) so that you can easily store and retrieve them.



Included are 6 each of three sizes in each of three finishes, 54 markers total. 

  • 6 each gold, silver, copper large round stitch markers (accommodates US15 / 10mm needles or smaller) 
  • 6 each gold, silver, copper small round stitch markers (accommodates US9 / 5.5mm needles or smaller)
  • 6 each gold, silver, copper opening stitch markers (accommodates US11 / 8mm needles or smaller)
  • Packaged in a kraft box secured with a magnet

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