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Fuzz Off Comb Refill

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Part of the Sweater Care Collection

These recyclable Fuzz Off Comb Refills can easily make your Fuzz Off Comb work just like new! Sprucing up knits is a breeze with the Fuzz Off Comb, so much so that we want to use it all the time. Heavy use can eventually dull the blade. Instead of replacing the entire Fuzz Off Comb, just switch out the comb and avoid unnecessary waste. Refills are quick, easy, and safe to install. Old refills can be recycled (they're 100% steel).


  • Recyclable 100% steel
  • 3 comb refills
  • Razor edge covered with a welded cage that protects skin and fabric
  • Caution: sharp edge is covered, but small things that can fit past the cage bars may be cut, and the corners are pointed. Please handle with care

How to Install:

  • slide comb cover off with seam side facing you
  • remove old comb
  • carefully replace comb, aligning holes with the two notches
  • slide comb cover back into place

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