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Crochet - Grocery Bag

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Haley Waxberg's crochet bag is a sturdy, medium-sized mesh bag that will be large enough to replace a regular size plastic bag from the grocery store. It comes out looking small but it holds a mighty load. It is designed to be just the right size to hold heavy groceries (like 4 heavy cans) without hitting the ground or falling out. Also just the right size to avoid overloading and making the bag uncomfortably heavy.

Limited to 4 students (16yrs of age or older); 2 students are required for class to meet. If a class is cancelled due to low enrollment, you will receive a full refund.

  • Level:  adventurous beginner. You’ve successfully taken Crochet Basics or the equivalent.
  • We provide: instruction, encouragement, and the expertise
  • You bring:  yourself, a copy of the pattern, appropriate yarn (designed for approximately 175 yards of DK weight - we suggest Bamboo Pop or Kelbourne Woolens Mojave), removable stitch markers, and a size G crochet hook.
  • Class length: 2.5 hours
Online participants will:
  • Need to pickup supplies prior to the class session.
  • Receive a Zoom invitation link the morning of the workshop.
Note that masks are still required for workshop & studio time participants.

You can read gather here's class policies (if you're interested)!