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b77/b79 Invisible-zipper foot

$ 34.99 - Usually $ 44.99


This foot is simply perfect for sewing invisible zippers. These are special zippers, which are concealed by the seam once they are sewn in.

Instructions: Switch off the machine. Attach the foot as described in the instruction manual. For some models, the presser foot holder may have to be removed. To do this, switch off the machine, loosen the screw and remove the presser foot holder. Mount the zipper foot onto the presser foot bar and secure with the screw.

Place the opened zipper on the right side of the fabric and pin in place.

Sew in the first half of the zipper from top to bottom, guiding the row of teeth through the left groove of the presser foot. It may be helpful to tilt the row of teeth slightly to the left.

Sew down to the slider, then remove the fabric from the machine.

Attach the second half of the zipper onto the other side. Place the row of teeth under the right groove of the presser foot and sew as described above.

Close the zipper and fold the fabric together with the right sides inside. Place the zipper at the edge of the fabric.

Close the open seam underneath the zipper, sewing as near as possible to the zipper. Tip: it is best to use the normal zipper foot or the zigzag foot for this.

Compatibility: Compatible with the b77 and b79 sewing machines.

b79/b77* Invisible-zipper foot

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