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Serger Ribbon-couching foot

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For couching narrow ribbon. With the help of the adjustable guide, ribbons of various widths can be guided precisely into the seam.

1. Set the machine for a 4-thread overlock or a wide 3-thread overlock (left or right needle) depending on the tape width.
2. Tapes (ribbon) of up to 3/8” (10 mm) width can be used.
3. Raise the presser foot and snap on the “Ribbon-couching foot”.
4. Place the tape in the guide (1) from the right.
5. Loosen set screw (2), push the tape guide (3) to right to fit the width of the tape.
6. Lower the foot, sew a few stitches to fix the tape.
7. Place fabric under the presser foot and sew.

Compatibility: Compatible with the b44 and b48 FUNLOCK machines and the b64 and b68 AIRLOCK machines.

b44/b48/b64/b68*** Ribbon-couching foot

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