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Serger Piping Foot

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The piping foot is qualified for creating or sewing in braids, or even both actions in one step. That gives main points to home furnishing or garments.

1. Set the machine for a 4-thread overlock or a wide 3-thread overlock (left needle).
2. Cords/Piping including fabric of up to 1/8” (3 mm) diameter can used.
3. Raise the presser foot and snap on “Piping foot”.
4. Place bias fabric strip around cord, fabric edges to the right, place under the foot, cord into the groove.
5. Lower the foot, sew a few stitches to fix it. 6. Raise the presser foot.
7. Place the two layers of fabric, right sides towards the piping.
8. Lower the presser foot and sew.

Compatibility: Compatible with the b44 and b48 FUNLOCK machines and the b64 and b68 AIRLOCK machines.

b44/b48/b64/b68*** Piping Foot

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