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b33/b35 Roller foot

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The Roller Foot makes sewing on difficult “sticky” materials easy.

The roller on its sole enables the foot to glide over materials such as leather and vinyl, as well as fabrics with a rough surface texture.

Sewing leather
Also applies to other materials that tend to stick.

  • Attach the presser foot.
  • Set the desired practical or decorative stitch.
  • Adjust thread tension to suit the stitch and material.
  • Set the stitch length as long as possible.
  • Pass the thread by hand through the opening in the presser foot and lay it to the back under the presser foot.
  • Fix the leather parts on top of each other with adhesive tape, fabric clips (Wonder Clips) or textile glue (do not use pins).
  • Place the material under the presser foot, lower the presser foot and sew.

• Using a long stitch length will result in beautiful looking stitches.
• Long stitches will also prevent stiff materials from tearing along the punctures after sewing.

b33/b35 Roller foot

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