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Kiriki Press Starter Kits

Kiriki Press Embroidered Doll Starter Kit includes all of the essential elements you need to start embroidering! Each pattern is designed to teach a fun and interesting range of stitches, good for beginners or experienced stitchers alike.

Recommended for Ages 12+

• 6" Embroidery hoop
• 2 Embroidery needles (no. 9 & no. 10)
• Stork embroidery scissors
• Kiriki Embroidery Stitch Library: an illustrated instructional book detailing the complete range of stitches used in Kiriki patterns, as well as tips and tricks for perfecting your stitches.

Difficulty Levels:

Level 1: Sloth, Monkey, Panda, Koala
Level 2: Tabby Cat, Fiesta Cat, Horned Owl, Bunny, Fox, Bear, Squirrel
Level 3: Barn Owl, Raccoon, Matryoshka, Hedgehog, Wolf


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