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It's been a longtime in the making (we started conversations in 2019 when no one imagined a global pandemic would be a part of our "new normal") but finally, we are thrilled to announce that the Inman Incubator is opening on March 4, 2022!

You may be wondering what the heck the Incubator is. Well, this 200ish square foot storefront was created as part of Commonwealth Alternative Care's renovation of 1385 Cambridge Street. Some of you may know that part of the the CAC's community plan was carving out space for retail or art. One of our focuses has always been promoting and supporting local artists and makers, through stocking their product, sharing their work, and hosting pop-ups and markets. In December we were granted permission to use 1385 Cambridge Street for the Inman Holiday Market and the Little Shop of Cute popped up for a week.

After seeing how eager the community was for another artist/creative maker space in the neighborhood se crafted a proposal for 2022 that would allow EIGHT different artists/makers to transform Unit 1 of 1385 Cambridge Street into a retail/gallery that would be open for 5 weekends.

We announced the first three incubator pop-ups and are so excited for you all to check them out. Sarah Dudek is bringing the Indestructible Food-Mart into the space first. Followed by Jillian Melnyk's Homeslice Shop, a retail experience that will stock woman-made brands and feature "Meet the Maker" events each weekend of her Pop-Up in April. And then Camberville-based artists and jewelry-makers Sculpture to Wear and Hacker Creations are joining forces in May.

The Inman Incubator is made possible by the following partners: Commonwealth Alternative Care and East Cambridge Business Association. AND YOU. Without your support we wouldn't try to keep building something more for the community.