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Youth French Seam Pillowcase

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No time for a six week sewing course? You've used a sewing machine but need a refresher?

Why not start join us for Youth French Seam Pillowcase workshop and take your skills to the next level? You'll brush up on cutting fabric, threading a sewing machine, and learn to create beautiful french seams. This youth-only workshop takes you through all the steps of making a pillowcase and you'll be ready to tackle more complicated projects.

Limited to 4 students (ages 9-15).

  • We provide:  materials, pattern, tools, and instruction
  • Kids bring:  themselves and their love for sewing
  • Class length:  2 hours
Please note this class is IN PERSON ONLY
*Some Sewing Classes may be scheduled for our downstairs studio. Please contact us if you would prefer not to navigate stairs and we will switch studios.
Note that masks are required for workshop & studio time participants.

You can read gather here's class policies (if you're interested)!