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Topstitch Needles 100/16

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Schmetz Topstitch Needle sewing machine needles are designed to create fewer skipped stitches when quilting or topstitching. Featuring an extra sharp point and an enlarged groove to accommodate larger threads and dense fabrics.


  • Perfect for decorative and topstitching work.
  • Use the needle for multi-directional quilting: the thread is guaranteed to glide effortlessly through the long needle eye.
  • Use when sewing with two threads (or with thick thread). 

Suitable fabrics

  • The Topstitch Needle can be used with a wide range of fabrics.
  • The long eye makes it particularly suited for patchwork/quilting and anywhere where thick threads are used.

 Available needle sizes

  • 80/12, 90/14 & 100/16
Special features

Particularly long needle eye: 2.0 mm in all needle sizes

Point shape
Slightly rounded point

Color marking
Light green

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