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ELx705 Serger Needles Multipack - 80/90

$ 5.99

Schmetz ELx705 Serger needles are designed for use multi-purpose sergers that do the overlock, cover, safety, and mocksafety stitches. The machine should specify ELx705 needle system. These are not suitable for use in normal home sewing or embroidery machines.

ELx705 Serger needles have a groove on the front side and back side of the blades to reduce skipped stitches. The second long groove is necessary to create chain stitches like overlock and coverlock stitches. They have increased strength due to a reinforced blade leading to less breakage and straighter stiches. Used in the Bernina L850, L890.

Contains: 2 x 80/12, 3 x 90/14

Available needle sizes
  • 80/12, 90/14

Special features

  • 2 grooves
  • Reinforced blade

Point shape

Regular point. 

Color marking


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