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Olive Undies

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The Olive Undies Full Bum are designed to fully cover your bum while having high cut leg openings, and to be one of the most comfortable pairs of undies you own.

The Olive Undies Thongs are made to stay put while you wear them. They are designed to not get folded into the tender parts of your skin to promote more airflow throughout the day.

Clear and simple instructions and illustrations walk you through how to sew them from start to finish, step by step. Instructions include two methods for sewing in the elastic.

Sizes: Hips: 33” - 68” (84cm - 173cm)

Fabric notes: Soft knit fabric with four-way stretch. 80% stretch in at least one of the directions. 

Elastic: 3/8” (1 cm) width braided elastic or 3/8” (1 cm) picot elastic. 

Sewing level: Advanced beginner

Fabric Requirements  45" or 60"
3/4 yds
3/4 yds
Cosmos 3/4 yds
Peony 3/4 yds
Lily 3/4 yds
Clematis 3/4 yds
Marigold 1 yd
Yarrow 1 yd
Daisy 1 yd
Iris 1 yd
Zinnia 1 yd
Primrose 1 yd
Gladiolus 1 yd

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