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Mystery Garment Fabric Box

$ 25.00 - Usually

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What you can expect inside:

No less than 3 yards in total of various pieces of linen, cotton, rayon. Individual cuts vary from 1/2 yard to 1 yard in length.

These are end of roll pieces of everything from Merchant & Mills to Lady McElroy fabrics. From cotton lawn and viscose crepe to waxed canvas and dry oilskin to  quilted jacquard and linen blends. We think these boxes are great for experimenting with new fabrics, contrast fabrics for pockets, plackets, and collar stands, as well as small human garments. 

If you purchase more than 1 mystery box we'll make sure to diversify your box contents.

If you *hate* surprises do NOT purchase a mystery box. If you wouldn't go on an anonymous date you probably shouldn't purchase a mystery box either. We're just warning you. 

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