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Lotion Bar 2.5oz

Love + Leche

$ 15.89 - Usually $ 7.50

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Love + Leche honors the bees that provide them with the golden honey and beeswax that make their lotion bars so rich and yummy. Their silky lotion bars are infused with the healing properties of calendula and will just plain make your skin feel better.

Most salves come in a tin, but with Love + Leche Lotion Bar you just hold the bar between your hands and rub (rather than digging some hand balm out of a container).  

Lotion bars are uniquely suited for airline travel (a solid lotion!), massage, cuticle care, dry elbows and heels, cracked fingers and your most stubborn dry skin.

Bars are hand-poured and weigh approximately 2.5 oz.

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