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Kaleidoscope Dye Kit - Cool

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Your head and your eyes will spin at the stunning results and the ease of Kaleidoscope Dyeing, WE GATHER’s low-commitment, low-impact dyeing method. This kit walks you through the basics of working with fiber reactive dyes all while creating a kaleidoscope of color on a cotton scarf.

This method is fun, easy, and offers you the freedom to experiment without feeling intimidated. Perfect for adults and intrepid children!What’s included:

  • 100% cotton scarf
  • Three colors of dye powder (½ t. each)
  • Soda ash (¼ c)
  • Pipettes/droppers
  • One pair of vinyl gloves
  • wooden stirring sticks
  • Synthrapol textile detergent
  • Plastic zip-top bag
  • Step by step instructions

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