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Happy Dumplings Gold Foiled Red Envelopes, HongBao 紅包

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Gift lucky money with good luck and blessings, with a set of 3 of our luxe gold-foiled Happy Dumplings red envelopes to celebrate all year long. Dumplings are delicious symbols of wealth and prosperity as they are said to resemble the boat-shaped Chinese gold and silver ingots and money pouches!

The 福 [Fú] character represents "good fortune" 福气 and "Happiness" 幸福. The 福 character is often posted upside-down as the Chinese character for "upside-down", 倒 is a homonym of the character for "to arrive", 到 So this placement and wordplay imply 福 happiness & good fortune is "arriving".

Red Envelopes can be used to gift lucky money at: Lunar New Year and Chinese New Year celebrations! Birthdays, to celebrate new babies, & when visiting relatives. Graduations & to commemorate scholarly achievements...any occasion to extend good luck & blessings. Weddings too!
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