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Field Guide No. 3: Wild Yarns

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Hand-dyed and multicolor yarns make knitters giddy with delight. We all collect gorgeous skeins without a care for what we might actually knit with them. MDK Field Guide No. 3has three great designers’ best ideas for projects that do justice to these magical yarns.

Field Guide No. 3: Wild Yarns celebrates the individuality and artistry of hand-dyed and multicolor skeins, and demonstrates how to show them off in projects that are fun to knit and lovely to wear.

Knitters love wild yarns. We all fall in love with these skeins again and again, for their sheer beauty as objects. But we should also knit with them, and wear them, and enjoy them every day.

In MDK Field Guide No. 3 you’ll find:

  • Leif: A stranded colorwork cowl that plays with the subtle shifts of color in two different shades of Dyed in the Wool by Spincycle Yarns.
  • Colorwash: An airy, ample mesh scarf that captures the breathless hand-painted color of Lichen and Lace merino.
  • Easel: An everyday pullover with absolutely-not-everyday splashes of color on the sleeves, combining both the vibrant semi-solids and cockeyed hand-painting that Jill Draper does so well in her Mohonk wool.
  • As well as stories, tips, and beautiful photos.

By Kay Gardiner, Ann Shayne, Dianna Walla, Kirsten Kapur, Sue McCain

Part of the Field Guide Collection by MDK

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