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Fannie Lou Hamer Letterpress Journal

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Fannie Lou Hamer {1917-1977} was born in Mississippi, the twentieth child of sharecroppers. She became a Civil Rights activist working with Student Nonviolent Committee (SNCC) vigilantly working to expand voter registration. She survived brutal treatment, from forced sterilization to a vicious beating after being arrested for sitting in a “whites only” section at a bus station restaurant. Hamer co-founded the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party in 1964 in response to the Democratic Party’s efforts to block Black participation. She worked tirelessly for civil rights, women’s rights, and voter’s rights.

  • Large size notebook
  • cover is letterpress printed in teal blue ink with original linocut illustration on 100# starch mint paper
  • 72 blank 100% recycled pages
  • interior is perfect bound on the left, then glued and finished in our studio
  • measures 4.5”x7” with two rounded corners

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