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Dress Shirt Pattern

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The Dress Shirt is a lightweight, versatile dress inspired by Grandpa’s shirt.  It is a relaxed, classic cut to be worn loose and is absurdly comfortable. Includes a rolled up sleeve or a short sleeve.

Skill Level: Beginner

This is a multi-size paper pattern in an envelope, including either sizes 8 - 18 or 20-28. Seam allowances are included in the pattern at 1.5cm, unless otherwise stated.

Recommended Fabrics:

Perfect in linen, cotton, lightweight denim, washed silk, and baby whale corduroy. Choose a relaxed fabric that will make a good, neat front pleat and will gather well.

110-120cm / 44-48" wide 120-140cm / 48-55" wide
Size 8 2.75M [3 yds] 2.10M [2.3 yds]
Size 10 3.0M [3.3 yds] 2.15M [2.4 yds]
Size 12 3.0M [3.3 yds] 2.25M [2.5 yds]
Size 14 3.0M [3.3 yds] 2.30M [2.5 yds]
Size 16 3.10M [3.4 yds] 2.40M [2.6 yds]
Size 18 3.10M [3.4 yds] 2.50M [2.75 yds]
Size 20 3.5M [3.8 yds] 3.15M [3.5 yds]
Size 22 3.5M [3.8 yds] 3.15M [3.5 yds]
Size 24 3.5M [3.8 yds] 3.15M [3.5 yds]
Size 26 3.5M [3.8 yds] 3.25M [3.6 yds]
Size 28 3.5M [3.8 yds] 3.25M [3.6 yds]
Size 8 Size 10 Size 12 Size 14 Size 16 Size 18 Size 20 Size 22 Size 24 Size 26 Size 28
Bust 104.5cm 109.5cm 114.5cm 119.5cm 124.5cm 129.5cm 132cm 138.25cm 144.5cm 150.75cm 157cm
Waist 107.5cm 112.5cm 117.5cm 122.5cm 127.5cm 132.5cm 140.5cm 146.75cm 153cm 159.25cm 165.5cm
Hip 112.5cm 117.5cm 122.5cm 127.5cm 132.5cm 137.5cm 151.5cm 157.75cm 164cm 170.25cm 176.5cm
Long Sleeve 39.5cm 40cm 40.5cm 41cm 41.5cm 42cm 40.3cm 40.65cm 41cm 41.35cm 41.7cm
Length 103cm 103.5cm 104cm 104.5cm 105cm 105.5cm 109.5cm 110.5cm 111.5cm 112.5cm 113.5cm
Size 8 Size 10 Size 12 Size 14 Size 16 Size 18 Size 20 Size 22 Size 24 Size 26 Size 28
Bust 82cm/32.25" 86cm/33.75" 91cm/35.75" 96cm/37.75" 100cm/39.25" 106cm/41.75" 114.5cm/45" 120.75cm/47.5" 127cm/50" 133.25cm/52.5" 139.5cm/55"
Waist 65cm/25.5" 69cm/27" 74cm/29" 79cm/31" 84cm/33" 89cm/35" 97.5cm/38.5" 103.75cm/41" 110cm/43.5" 116.25cm/46" 122.5cm/48.5"
Hips 90cm/35.5" 94cm/37" 99cm/38.75" 104cm/41" 109cm/43" 114cm/44" 1205cm/47.5" 126.75/50" 133cm/52.5" 139.25cm/55" 145.5cm/57.5"

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