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Clementine Denim Skirt Pattern

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Slim fitting jeans skirt with a back split and shaped waist band. This is a pattern that we would advise making a toile first, firstly to adjust the fit if needed but secondly to familiarize with the pattern instructions. We have not used a traditional run and fell jeans seam, we have chosen instead to topstitch the seam, which is easier to achieve on a domestic machine.

Skill Level: Advanced

We have found that a heavy duty thread rather than a topstitch thread gives a more authentic look to the topstitching and is easier to use. You may find that you get a better stitch using a matching standard ‘sew all’ thread in the bobbin.

This is a multi-size paper pattern in an envelope, including sizes 6 – 18. 1.5cm seam allowance is included in the pattern unless otherwise stated.

Materials and hardware:
8-12.5oz denim is recommended (up to 14oz with a heavy duty sewing machine)
  • Matching thread
  • 7″ metal jeans zip
  • Jeans needle
  • Large eye sewing needle
  • Plain cotton fabric for pocket bags
  • Heavy duty contrast thread/top stitching thread
  • Matching standard contrast thread (to use in the bobbin)
  • 1 x button or jeans snap (approx. 18mm)
A note about pre washing your denim:
We recommend pre washing your denim before sewing. Putting a large piece of medium-heavy weight denim into the washing machine can sometimes lead to white creases in the denim, this is because it is a stiff fabric so it doesn’t have room to move around. We recommend doing the following to help this not to happen:
  • Wash your denim on its own for the first wash. You don’t need to use detergent if you don’t want to.
  • Wet the fabric first before putting it into the drum.
  • If you can break up your denim fabric into half this will help. Or if you have your pattern already you may be able to break it into smaller parts by looking at the pattern layout – leave some wiggle room!
  • For the first wash use a delicate 30 degree cycle with a low spin.
  • If any white creases develop ironing whilst still damp will help.
  • Do not tumble dry.
Size 6 Size 8 - 12 Size 14 - 18
83cm [33"] wide, without nap 1.80M [2 yds] 2M [2.2 yds] 2.20M [2.4 yds]
120cm [47"] wide without nap 1.30M [1.4 yds] 1.35M [1.5 yds] 1.80M [2 yds]
140cm [55"] wide without nap 1.15M [1.25 yds] 1.20M [1.3 yds] 1.35M [1.5 yds]
150cm [59"] wide without nap 1M [1.1 yds] 1.10M [1.2 yds] 1.25M [1.4 yds]
Pocket fabric 110 [43"] to 150cm [59"] wide 0.30M [0.3 yds] 0.30M [0.3 yds] 0.30M [0.3 yds]
Size 6 Size 8 Size 10 Size 12 Size 14 Size 16 Size 18
Waist 64.5cm 68.5cm 72.5cm 77.5cm 82.5cm 87.5cm 92.5cm
Hip 87.5cm 91.5cm 95.5cm 100.5cm 105.5cm 110.5cm 115.5cm

Length at centre front: 72cm/28.5"

Size 6 Size 8 Size 10 Size 12 Size 14 Size 16 Size 18
Waist 61cm/24" 65cm/25.5" 69cm/27" 74cm/29" 79cm/31" 84cm/33" 89cm/35"
Hips 86cm/34" 90cm/35.5" 94cm/37" 99cm/38.75" 104cm/41" 109cm/43" 114cm/44"
Bust 78cm/30.75" 82cm/32.25" 86cm/33.75" 91cm/35.75" 96cm/37.75" 100cm/39.25" 106cm/41.75"

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