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Boot Wax 2oz

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This all-purpose waterproofing treatment is the best way to protect and nourish all types of leather. A carefully balanced blend utilizing beeswax and lanolin fully hydrates leather to naturally repel water and stains. This heavy-duty sealing wax goes on thick and provides a long-lasting protective seal.

Apply as often as necessary to maintain waterproof seal. May be applied on top of prior treatments. Temporary darkening may occur. This is completely normal, and original coloration is restored within a few days. 

  • Apply to leather using a soft, lint-free cloth
  • Allow leather to fully absorb
  • Fully coat seams and around eyelets
  • Buff leather with horsehair brush or flannel cloth
  • Reapply as often as necessary
  • Follow up with Leather Oil to shine

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