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Blue Grey Rib

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Cotton ribbing for necklines, cuffs etc.

  • A pale blue/grey shade, to match Shadow Jacuqard
  • Length 40" / 103cm
  • width 2.17" / 5.5cm wide
  • 71.2% cotton / 28.8% elastane

Please note these are cut strips, you cannot buy them by the yard.

Not sure what fabric to use with them? Have a look at the Merchant & Mills blog for some suggestions.

Designed to be used with the Fielder and Men’s Tee Shirt patterns. You could also use them for neckline ribbing and cuffing for classic sweatshirts.

For the Fielder Dress and top please look at the table below which will indicate how many strips you need to buy. For the Fielder Top you could always use plain rib on the bottom which would be more cost effective, or leave off the rib at the bottom all together. 

You can read more about these ribs here.

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