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SDT Embroidery Module M for 5 Series

$ 1,750.00 - Usually $ 1,400.00

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Smoother and quieter embroidery
  • Increased embroidery speed by up to 55%
  • Effortless free arm embroidery
  • Embroidery area of up to 400 x 150 mm / 15.7 x 5.9"

The Embroidery Module with Smart Drive Technology (SDT) delivers reliable results and gorgeous embroidery. The large embroidery area makes embroidering easy and comfortable. You can even use the free arm embroidery feature to decorate blouses and small t-shirts that are already sewn up!

Compatible Machines: B590 Crystal Edition, B590, B570 QE Kaffe Edition, B570 QE SE Tula Pink, B570 QEE, B570 QE, B540, B535, B535 E, B500

Smart Drive Technology (SDT)

  • Smoother movement and less vibration
  • Quieter embroidery
  • Increased embroidery speed
  • Less loop formation

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