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b77/b79 Zigzag foot for Dual Feed

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The zigzag presser foot for Dual Feed is a true all-rounder and is suitable for all the common sewing works. It is also optimal for special sewing projects. Apart from very simple attractive decorative stitches, it is also particularly suitable to implement patchwork ideas. The zigzag foot for Dual Feed is provided with a recess on the back side of the presser foot to activate the integrated Dual Feed. This allows an even feed of several fabric layers and “sticky” materials.

about the black button?

The black button on the left-hand side ensures that the fabric feds evenly when sewing multiple layers of fabric (seams, denim seams, etc.).

When reaching a thick point, lower the needle and raise the presser foot. Push in the black button, thereby locking the foot in a horizontal position, and lower the foot again. Continue sewing; the black button is automatically released again after a few stitches.

Compatibility: Compatible with the b77 and b79 sewing machines.

b79/b77* Zigzag foot for Dual Feed

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