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b77/b79 Ruler Foot Set

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This foot is ideal to sew along a plexiglass ruler. Note: When using this presser foot make sure the 2mm reduction is active in the "sewing settings - hovering height".

You can also adjust the presser foot height by reducing the presser foot pressure below 0. Lower the feed dog and use without dual feed.

Firmware Update
To use this product, make sure the most recent Firmware is installed on your machine. Visit the support section of your model to download the latest Firmware and step-by-step installation instructions.

For b77 customers, please contact your dealer to update your machine.

Installing the Ruler Foot

  • Update firmware according to «Firmware Update Step by Step».
  • Switch the machine off (and disconnect it from the power supply). Remove the presser foot holder.
  • Remove the needle and replace the needle holder with the enclosed needle holder.
  • Install the ruler foot.

Adjusting Settings

  • To raise the foot height further for use with thicker materials, set the presser foot pressure to below zero.
  • Limit the hovering height of the presser foot to maximum 2 mm in the sewing settings for the «Needle Up/Down» button.


If skipped stitches occur, reduce the presser foot height or the sewing speed.

For best results, move the quilt sandwich 3 mm or less per stitch.
For an optimal sewing result, use the straight stitch plate.
For a beautiful stitch formation, use upper and bobbin threads of the same color and thread quality.

bernette b77/b79 Ruler Foot Set

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