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Coverstitch Cording Foot

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This presser foot guides decorative and fine cords of up to 2 mm thickness exactly and precisely below the coverstitch seam as they are being sewn on. Alternatively, it can also be used to create and insert piping.

To sew Piping:

1. Set machine for "Chain Stitch”, using needle D.
2. Raise the presser foot and change to “Cording foot”.
3. Note: “Cording guide” is not used for this function.
4. Note: cord diameter of up to 1/16” (2.0 mm) can be used.
5. Insert cord through the groove of the “Cording foot”.
6. Wrap fabric around cord in front of foot. Slide fabric under foot.
7. Lower the presser foot and sew over fabric.
8. Note: Hold cord behind the foot when beginning to sew.

Compatibility: Compatible with the b42 and b48 FUNLOCK machines and the b642 and b68 AIRLOCK machines.

b42/b48/b62/b68† Cording Foot

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