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BERNINA-#03A Automatic Buttonhole Foot with Slide-sewing machine feet-gather here online

#03A Automatic Buttonhole Foot with Slide

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Automatic buttonhole sewing

Depending on the model, Buttonhole foot with slide #3A determines the desired buttonhole length for identical buttonholes either via a sensor or manually.

• Sewing any number of buttonholes of exactly the same length
• Flexible choice of buttonhole length up to 30mm
• With or without cording
• For 5.5mm and 9mm machines

When sewing buttonholes that are close to the fabric edge, we recommend using the BERNINA Buttonhole Leveler to support the buttonhole foot and improve fabric feed.

If the fabric you are working with is especially thick and fluffy, we recommend using the BERNINA Fabric-feeding Aid for Buttonholes.

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