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BERNINA-#39C Embroidery Foot with Clear Sole for 9mm machines-sewing machine feet-gather here online

#39C Embroidery Foot with Clear Sole for 9mm machines

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With clear sole

Embroidery foot with clear sole #39C provides a clear view of the stitching area and is an expert in decorative stitch patterns, appliqué, and satin stitching.

Embroidery Foot with Clear Sole #39C is an extremely versatile tool. This presser foot is outstanding for compact decorative stitch patterns, satin stitching, and appliqué, as well as for sewing off-the-edge scallops.

Another plus is the small hole in the center of the foot, which serves as a guide for cording and feeds it directly under the needle. Decorative stitching with raised effects is also a breeze with Embroidery Foot #39C.

An updated version of the ever-popular Embroidery Foot #6, this presser foot affords a clear view of the stitching area at all times, thanks to its transparent sole.

• Ideal for buttonhole seams, appliqués and decorative stitches
• Superb effects achieved by couching perle yarns
• Sewing off-the-edge scallops and raised effects
• Clear view of the embroidery area
• For 9mm machines

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