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Waxed Fabric Care

Want to learn how to care for your waxed canvas? Look no further. Fortunately for you the short answer is pretty simple.

Hose it off - Do NOT wash - Do NOT dry clean

But you were probably looking for more details so here's the long answer.

Carr Textiles: TexWax 

TexWax is an extremely durable fabric that requires minimal care. However, just like you shouldn't wash a leather jacket, you should not dry clean or use detergent on your TexWax products. Wax fabrics have been successfully used for many years without washing.

A periodic cleaning with a hose, damp cloth or soft scrub brush for heavy dirt is all that is needed. Your shower will work equally well to rinse of any surface dirt. If spot cleaning is required, use a canvas cleaner, or a mild bar soap (but not laundry detergent) to remove stubborn stains.

TexWax can be re-waxed to restore the wax finish. Apply the treatment and leave it to absorb for a day or so (a hair dryer will speed the process). Remember to iron only on low heat and with a thin cloth or craft paper barrier between the fabric and the iron to redistribute wax and relax the fabric.

When planning your projects remember that darker shades are more successful than lighter shades in not showing dirt.

To be completely satisfied with the performance of your TexWax fabrics, there are several important things to remember :

  • TRY water first with a light brushing or scrubbing
  • Use A LITTLE canvas cleaner or bar soap (flaked soap or Saddle soap will also work), only if necessary, to spot clean a specific area only.
  • Sometimes a small amount of ammonia will help.
  • NEVER use detergent, liquid or powdered.
  • NEVER dry clean as the powerful environmentally damaging chlorinated solvents will remove the finish.
  • IF re-waxing, apply the wax SPARINGLY - a little heat from a hair dryer always helps.

Remember, Waxed Canvas is rugged and made for active outdoor use. It is weather-tough and made for your next adventure.

Merchant & Mills: Dry Oilskin

Dry oilskin is water resistant, this means that the water doesn’t completely run off it, but it won’t come through to the other side either. It is ideal for bags and accessories and particularly fab for an outdoor Top 64 and Landgate top.

Made in the UK & inspired by a 1910 patent for waterproofing textiles. It is treated with an emulsified wax which is heat-processed into the cloth for a longer lasting finish and higher performance. The finish is vegan.

Dry Oilskin can be washed by hand, but it would need to be treated with re-proofing spray to keep its water resistance and the surface does change, so it is best to avoid any washing if you can. 

Use a cool setting iron or just finger press.
Do not use any interfacing with this type of oilskin.

Merchant & Mills: Traditional Waxed Oilskin

This is the real thing – the best quality traditional waxed oilskin made in the UK, finished to age and wear beautifully.

A blend of oils and petroleum-based waxes are impregnated into the fiber and saturates the cloth, so the performance relies on a traditional wax/water resist application.

Traditional Waxed Oilskin isn't washable and you should TRY water, with a light brushing or scrubbing, first. If needed Traditional Waxed Oilskin can be spot cleaned with A LITTLE canvas cleaner or bar soap. To restore the finish Traditional Waxed Oilskin can be re-waxed. NEVER use detergent, liquid or powdered and NEVER dry clean.

Do not iron, just finger press.

Do not use any interfacing with this type of oilskin.

Notes on shipping:

All our waxed canvas & oilskin fabrics are sent folded unless otherwise requested and there is an additional charge for shipping fabrics rolled.

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