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Sashiko Needles Assorted Long

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Tulip's superior quality sashiko needles are perfect for sashiko and running stitches with decorative threads. The needles are made with a big needle eye and designed to pass through fabric smoothly. It's perfect for people who want to start sashiko stitchwork.

The needles are long to collect several stitches before pulling the thread through. This facilitates straighter stitching. The large eye of the needle is designed to accommodate thick sashiko thread (similar to embroidery floss but plied). The gold-plated eye is easy threading and polished thoroughly to prevent snagging. The needles are nickel-plated making them glide effortlessly through the fabric.

The Tulip company of Hiroshima, Japan has been making sewing needles since 1948. Well-known for their quality sewing needles, they now make some of the finest sashiko needles available.

Sashiko Needles
6 needles, 2 each of 3 sizes within a labeled, clear, cork topped tube.

  • Long Assortment- Size: 1.02 x 66.7mm, 0.97 x 44.5mm, 0.84 x 51.5mm 

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