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Why We March - Katy

Not everyone can march on Saturday, January 21, 2017. There are jobs and prior commitments that were scheduled long before any of us knew who the incoming President of the United States would be. Craftsperson and small business owner, Katy of Katrinkles is one of the women not able to march but her contribution to Saturday is too epic not to share.
What is your name and what crafts do you practice?
Katy - knitter and sewist.
Why did you decide to march on January 21, 2017?
I actually can't go to the march.  Next weekend is the Knitting Weekend at Slater Mill and I've been signed up to be a vendor since way before the marches were announced.  I have been SO bummed that I am not able to participate! 
How does handcraft/craft/handmade help you as you navigate these uncertain times?
It's actually one of the reasons why I knit hats for everyone I know who is going to the marches - so that at least my knitting is there showing support in DC and Providence. 
It's also why I've been making and selling the [birch washable] tags.  I wanted to feel like I was contributing in some way and I feel like that is successful:  So far I've collected over $1,000 from the sales of the tags which I'm donating to the ACLU!  That feels SO good!  
I chose to donate the proceeds to the ACLU (not only because I feel like defending our civil liberties is more important than ever) but also because when I initially posted a photo of the tags on instagram (before I decided to sell them) someone whose unwelcome comment I deleted accused me of "suppressing her free speech". Take that, unpleasant commenter!
We are thrilled to have two dozen tags available so you can add one to your pussy hat at Thursday's pussy hat knit-a-long.
gather here believes in a community for ALL people. And we strive to not only build up the community but also one another while also continuing to share our deep love for handcraft.